CITAD Training Solutions


A&N’s Computer, IT, Academics and Design Training Solutions

(A&N CITAD Training Solutions)


provide services from 2013 to polish your needs in various aspect focusing on:

(I) Other Information Technology & Computer Services Activities (Code: 62090)

(II) Art & Graphic Design Services (Code: 74192)

Such as:

  • COMPUTER :- Hardware, Software, Peripherals
  • IT :- System Administration Training, IT Infrastructure eg. Clustering, Virtualisation, Server Management, Microsoft Office, Multimedia eg. Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Videography, Photography, Blogging, Virtual Classes Available for any of the IT/Computer Classes inclusive of Practical and Theory (NEW!!!)
  • Academics :- Languages, Mathematics, Science, Art, Computer Application
  • Design Solutions :- Posters, Banners, Newspaper Ads, Simple Websites, Business Cards, Logos, Event Designs such as Wedding Cards, Ads, Brochures, Video Amalgamations, etc

” We are here not to provide professional certification but to provide practical services and help/coach in the areas that you need to improve, learn or produce.”

Visit us at to know more about us.

Do email us your queries or course modules/fees details at


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