Ponder 17: The Power of Giving & True Happiness

17 May

Happiness is a journey. It is not a destination.

Happiness is to be savoured and enjoyed. Nourished your soul and spirit.

Achieving Life Balance.  (Watch the clip to understand)

  1. Nourish your Body, Mind and Soul
  2. Doing more of important matters than of urgent matters
  3. Slow down is fast, less down is more. 
  4. There is no success without balance

Happiness is not yesterday, tmrw or the upcoming year.

Happiness is NOW, each day, everyday.

Awaken your spirituality. Life is full of abundant joy. Life is short.

Live your life giving and expect nothing in return because life is automatically a cycle. When you give more, the return is more. The return will aways be from the Al-Mighty, God.

When you give, power of giving becomes instantaneous, continuous and eternal within you. Giving flows through you! As you are giving, you are creating.

” When the cow stops giving milk, the cow cannot get more milk. When the sheep stops giving wool, the sheep cannot get more wool. When a tree has a fruit and nobody takes it, the fruit rots and falls down. When the river stops flowing, it stagnants. When you stop the flow of giving, you stop the flow of receiving. When you give flow of abundance, only then abundance will flow through you “

The difference you make to people comes with you, that’s what really matters.

” What is the legacy you are leaving? “


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5 responses to “Ponder 17: The Power of Giving & True Happiness

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