Minister Mentor Lee’s latest statement on Malay Integration during an interview by Charlie Rose on 28 march 2011

11 Apr

Informing what he meant by “stand corrected” = stand corrected, but was not wrong (or will never be wrong)
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Interview with Charlie Rose, 28 March 2011:
At 31:57 mins of the video:

MM Lee: “I said in that book (“Hard Truths”) that I think that the Malays, that Muslims should be relaxed and eat together with the others.”

Charlie Rose: “And it created a firestorm and your son said, the Prime Minister, differed with you.”

MM Lee: “That’s right.”

Charlie Rose: “So, were you right or was your son right?”

MM Lee: *laughs*

MM Lee: “He has to be right because he is the Prime Minister.”

Charlie Rose: “But … but?”

MM Lee: “But you ask the average person in the street whether what I’ve said is true.”

Charlie Rose: “And they would say?”

MM Lee: “You ask them.”

Click on the above text for the full video interview.For uninterrupted viewing,wait for it to download fully.


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