Ramadan Day 5: Paradise is a Place on Earth

15 Aug

(This series has been uploaded with permission by Islam Channel!)

This is a series where Muhammad AlShareef guides us through everyday of Ramadan with his very own Heart Wheel Journal. The journal (which can be downloaded at )
aims to make this Ramadan a Ramadan you won’t forget! The show appears on the Iftar Bites Program on Islam Channel.

Today’s topic is:
Day 5 Paradise is a Place on Earth

Some GEMS to take away and implement from this session:

What is your aim and goal in life?

• A persons primary destination and aim in life should be Jannatul Firdous. This is what they should focus on reaching.
• That man can have nothing but what he strives for. That (the fruit of) his striving will soon come in sight. (53 An-Najm v.39-40)
• If youre aiming for the dunya, then youll only get from the dunya. If youre aiming for the akhirah, then youll get the dunya and the akhirah.
• All your actions will be judged by their intentions.
• If you aim for Jannah, that quality of striving for excellence will show in all the other work that you do.


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