Ramadan Day 4: Perfection

15 Aug

(This series has been uploaded with permission by Islam Channel!)

This is a series where Muhammad AlShareef guides us through everyday of Ramadan with his very own Heart Wheel Journal. The journal (which can be downloaded at )
aims to make this Ramadan a Ramadan you won’t forget! The show appears on the Iftar Bites Program on Islam Channel.

Today’s topic is:
Day 4 Perfection

Some GEMS to take away and implement from this session:

• If you want to be perfect, then you have low standards. Perfection is impossible.
• Perfection belongs to Allah azza wa jal alone.
• Dont aim to be perfect, aim to be outstanding in what you do.
• Aim for excellence in your worship of Allah.
• We will all make mistakes. When e make them, we should repent to Allah asking for forgiveness
• Even if you miss days in your Heart Wheel Journal, just skip it. The journals worth it even if you do a day of it.

Each day in Ramadan 2010, Muhammad Alshareef shares with you a “sweet” reflection on one of the verses recited that night. Tune in daily for these “sweet” reflections.


Pray ON!

InshaAllah, may we together benefit and achieve hidayah from it.

~Listen, Reflect and Apply~


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