Ponder 6: An X-Ray Vision that Unlocks the Insights of a Person

26 Dec

Andrea McNichol, one of the world’s leading handwriting experts, has now made it possible for you to have the same complete course on handwriting analysis which she has taught to thousands of students at eight University of California campuses. She is also one of the leading forensic graphologists and examiners of questioned documents in the United States, and a highly respected researcher in the field.

The graphologist studies doodles, drawings, sculptures, and paintings in order to gain insight into the physical, mental, and emotional states of the writer or artist. Communicating through written symbols is a uniquely human endeavour. Of the millions of species of life on earth, only Homo sapiens has the ability to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, build the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt and design the graceful span of the Golden Gate Bridge. We are also the only species that can use graphic symbols to communicate long after we are dead, through art, books, wills, music, and so on. Although all graphic movement can be analyzed, handwriting is the most accessible for analysis because we teach the subject in our schools and most people can write.

“Handwriting” Without a Hand

Can you produce “handwriting” without a hand? Well, try a little experiment. Put a pen in your mouth, between your teeth. On a piece of scratch paper, sign your name. Did you try to do it? If not, please, do try it before you go on. Now, whose handwriting were you trying to imitate when you tried to sign your name? Mine? Your neighbour’s? Of course not! You were trying to imitate your own handwriting. And if you were really forced to learn to write this way, after enough practice you would eventually produce the same “handwriting” with your mouth that you currently produce with your hand. Studies of thousands of people who have lost the use of their hands and have had to learn to write with the pen in their mouths or between their toes show that they eventually produce their own unique “handwriting,” the same handwriting they had when they could use their hands. The point is, it’s not the hand or mouth or toes that decide which way we’ll slant our writing or how big we’ll write. Those decisions actually come from our brain.So when we produce any graphic movement, such as handwriting, we are actually “brainwriting” and leaving our “brain prints” behind on the paper.

What do our “Brain Prints” reveal?

Our brain prints reveal who we are and how we think, feel, and behave. They are an X-ray of our mind. And, like fingerprints, they remain uniquely our own forever. No two people ever have the exact same brain prints. When we look at your handwriting, nearly everything about your physical, intellectual and emotional states is revealed.

“No one can get out of his own skin. We act as our psychological past, i.e., as our cerebral organization dictates. For this reason, we are bound to expose ourselves in the association experiment in exactly the same way as we do in our own handwriting.”
–C.G. Jung, 1906



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