A Journey to Hajj (Pilgrimage) Part II: Hajj 100 years Ago

26 Nov

Have you ever thought of how Pilgrimage to Mecca looks like 100 years ago?

[Pictorials of Hajj 100 Years Ago]

1.     Bab – e – Safa in Haram Makki

2.     Jeddah Port

3.     Kabba Shareef in 1320H

4.     Friday Prayer in Hram Makki (1320H)

5.     Kabba During Prayer Time in Hajj Days

6.     Janat ul Moallah in 1320H

7.     Layout of Prophet’s House & Birth Place in Makkah

8.     Layout of Haram Makki in 1320H

9.     Hajis in Arafat During Hajj 1320H

10.  View of Jabal – e – Arafat During Hajj 1320H

11.  Hajjis are coming Back to Muna from Arafat

12.  Rammi Jamarat During Hajj 1320H

13.  General View of Madina Munawara

14.  Bab Anbaria in Madina Munawara

15.  Bab Salam in Madina Shareef

16.  West Side of Masjid Nabwi

17.  View of Green Tomb from Masjid Nabwi

18.  Layout of Masjid Nabwi

19.  Layout of Prophet Tomb & Syeda Ayesha House

20.  Janat Al Baqeh

21.  Madina During Hajj

22.  Currency in 1327H


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